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Receive and Decode Images Weather Satellites with STB hg680p

Receive and Decode Images Weather Satellites with STB hg680p

Before we start the process of installing the Noaa Application on the STB, make sure you have installed the STB with Linux. Here I am using the image Armbian_20.05.6_Arm-64_focal_current_5.7.2_desktop_20200619.

after logging into the terminal, continue with the command below:

sudo apt-add-repository –remove ‘deb stable/updates main’
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php
sudo apt update
sudo apt -y upgrade
sudo apt -y autoremove
sudo apt -y install python3-dev
sudo apt -y install chromium-common

make sure each command has no errors. then continue with the following command:
cd $HOME
git clone
cd stb-Noaa
sudo nano ansible/group_vars/all.yml

replace the text yc5abk with your linux user

stb_user: “yc5abk
stb_owner: “yc5abk
stb_group: “yc5abk

continue with the following command:

sudo chmod 755

After the installation process is complete, continue to configure setting.yml with the following command,
nano config/settings.yml

latitude: -1.9143
longitude: 100.8788
Adjust to your coordinates

timezone_offset: 7
Adjust to the timezone of your location

ground_station_location: ‘YC5ABK Ground Station’
antenna_info: ‘Air Haji – OI08KC’
Adjust it with what you want

admin_username: ‘admin’
admin_password: ‘yc5abk’
Adjust it with what you want

and there are some items that you may need to change such as

noaa_15_schedule: true (
If you want to decoed it, the value is true, otherwise the value is false

noaa_15_sdr_device_id: 0 (sdr_device default nya 0) (the default device)
noaa_15_freq_offset: -6 (freq offset is the ppm of your sdr.. adjust to the ppm of the sdr you are using. change in each satellite parameter).
noaa_15_enable_bias_tee: true (if you use bias tee for lna then the value is true otherwise false)
noaa_15_gain: 7.7 (gain adjust to the ideal gain of your sdr)
noaa_15_sun_min_elevation: 6 (sun_min_elevation)
noaa_15_sat_min_elevation: 30 ( ( minimim elevation to be decoded. meaning below that value, the satellite will not be decoded_

after all the configuration is complete then save and run the command again


after all processes are complete, and make sure there are no errors during installation then open the ip of the stb http://your_ip_adress_stb or https://your_ip_adress_stb
if there are no errors then the display of the noaa schedule has appeared in your browser. If there are problems or questions, please contact yc5abk.

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