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3 Diploma SSTV – Moscow Aviation Institute SSTV experiment (MAI-75) from Indonesia

Inspace – Indonesian Space Explorer Submit one of your best pictures that you got at the SSTV MAI “August 2021 MAI-75 SSTV ” during parts of August 6 and 7 in here : InSpacE MAI-75 Diploma. information :   2. B’SATTRAC – Bitung Satellite Tracking Community Submit one of your best pictures that you…
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Astrac Award – August 2021 MAI-75 SSTV

Moscow Aviation Institute are going to do experiment sessions of SSTV on August 6 and 7. The transmissions is planned to start at 10:50 UTC on August 6 and will stop at 19:10 UTC. The activation on August 7 should start at 09:50 UTC and the end of experiment scheduled at 15:55 UTC. It is…
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